Transports Lesson Smartboard Game

TransportsChoose the picture of the type of transport that is mentioned by the narrator, and earn points based on correctness and speed!

There are two ways to convert this into a team game. Separate the class into two groups or more. All the groups except for the one who is playing must turn their back on the smart board until the current players  have completed the game and had earned their points. The same method is repeated for every group until everyone had had their turn. Whomever earns the highest point wins the match.

Alternatively, instead of turning their backs, the groups compete on who gets to guess the correct answer first. If a group is wrong, they either do not earn points or have points subtracted from them (tracked manually by the teacher), and they lose the opportunity to make a guess. If a group is right, they earn 10 points. The group that has the highest points at the end of the game wins.

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