Christmas Word Jumble Smartboard Game

Christmas Jumbled WordSo your students think they know all about Christmas. Are they willing to take up the jumbled word challenge? This game displays various Christmas-related words on-screen with their letters in disarray, and it’s up to the players to reorganise and figure out what it is. Of course, one can always try to sort the letters on their own, but it’s always easier if they already have an idea to work with!

Students can form groups and earn points for every correct answer. The team with the most points wins!

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Letter Matrix Smartboard Game

Letter-MatrixLetters are falling from above! Don’t let them fill up the space below!  Form words from the fallen letters to “sort” them into their proper places and remove them from the pile. Each letter has a corresponding point; the rarer the letters used and the longer the formed word is, the higher the score.

As if the falling letters aren’t enough, a certain number of points earned within a given time is required in order to progress to the next level. See how many words your students can form, and how far they can go. They can also play this cooperatively, or in competitive groups.

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Word Magic Smartboard Game

Word MagicHow many words can your students form from the ones given in the box?  Do they have a huge enough vocabulary to form complex words that would give them higher points? Are they fast enough to fill up their word list before the clock runs out… and before a rival student group steals their letters?

Word Magic is reminiscent to the classic Boggle game, except that the letters forming the words do not have to be adjacent to each other.  When the player forms his word and clicks on the “GO” button, the chosen letters are then replaced with others.

Though the game can be played in single player mode (where a student, or a group of students, try to collect enough points from their words within the given time), it also has a multiplayer mode, where the game automatically matches your students against other players from another class… or school… or even another country! The multiplayer game is then played in real time, where students race to use a letter before their rivals do; if they did end up using the same letter, the points for the word is forfeited!

How good is your class against what could possibly be the world? Perhaps a tournament could be arranged to find out!

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Amazing Spelling Fleas Smartboard Game

Amazing Spelling FleasPlay a series of grammar, memory, and logic-related mini-games with The Amazing Spelling Fleas! See which student (or group of students) will have the highest score or reach the farthest round by the end of their turn!

For each game, the player must be able to provide at least two correct entries within a given amount of time so that he can progress to the next stage. If the student was able to complete all the mini-games, he moves on to the next round, where the time is shortened, and the games begin anew. 10 points are awarded to the child for every correct answer, and the score is tallied up, the total overall of which is shown at the end of each mini-game.

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Spin and Spell Smartboard Game

Spin and SpellA spelling game reminiscent of popular  TV game shows, where players are asked to correctly spell the variety of objects provided on-screen by clicking on the appropriate alphabets on the letter wheel.

The objects to be displayed are sorted into five different categories.  The item to be spelled can either be randomly chosen by the game (provided by a button below), or can be chosen by the students.  The latter option makes classroom play possible: at the start, the teacher picks an object and have one of his students spell it. After his attempt – where a correct answer gives him a point – the student can then choose another object, and hands the turn over to one of his classmates.  This can continue until everyone in the room has had several turns, after which all the points are tallied up to determine who is the class’ spelling champion!

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Fish ‘Em Up! 2 Smartboard Game

Fish 'Em Up previewSometimes it is difficult to know when to add or change letters in a given word prior to lengthening it.  This game aims to assist in that by teaching students through fun and repetition.

At the beginning, the game reminds players about two of the rules of word lengthening – either doubling the last letter, or changing “y” to “ie”.  It then gives the option to testing for either one, after which the game begins.  Students are asked to fish for the root word by using the rod that represents the correct lengthened word.  If they’re able to choose correctly, the root word is “fished” successfully;  otherwise, it swims away.

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