Snowman Memory Game Smartboard Game

Snowman Memory GameExercise your students’ memory this winter with this Snowman Memory game. It plays like most pairing memory games: players take turns in revealing two randomly sorted upturned cards on screen. If the revealed cards do not match, the cards will be turned over again to hide the images.  If they match, the player keeps the paired cards which count as a point. The player with the most points wins.

Players can fight against the computer (that has a modifiable AI setting the teacher can set), or against each other. The big challenge with this version is that most of the images look nearly the same, if not for the snowmen’s different colored scarves and hats. As such, even adults may find it a little difficult… so perhaps a teacher can take this as an opportunity to play the game against her students and see how well his memory is compares to theirs!

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Memory Lane Smartboard Game

PeepHelp children develop their memory skills by playing this very simple game.

A little chick wanders in an open field filled with items.  Students are tasked to remember what objects the chick saw during his walk.  They are then asked to choose which among three items did the chick encounter at the end.

To make the game more competitive, teachers can sort their students into groups.  He can then either ask each group to race against each other on who gets to answer first,  or they can tally the number of correct answers per group after the game has been played enough times.  The group with the most number of points wins the competition.

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