Rhyming Words Smartboard Game

Rhyming WordsHelp a child named Max cross the river by choosing the correct stepping stone/log/water lily (depending on the game’s difficulty level).

Each of the river object is associated with a word. The object that can hold Max’s weight – and can thus send him across – contains the word that rhymes with another given word. Choose the wrong word, however, and Max falls into the river!

Two groups of players can compete to see who can get the correct rhyming word first. There are only five steps, so this ensures that the game cannot end with a tie. Alternatively, it can also be a race to the finish – which team can get across with the least amount of tries?

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It’s Greek To Me Smartboard Game

Greek GameWinter Olympics has finally arrived!  To celebrate, why not play a word definition quiz game with an Olympic theme?

At the start of the game, players are asked to choose among four listed countries and to pick a category – Archery (for easy) or Discus (for hard). The players are then asked to provide the meaning of 10 words with their root word given as a clue. The performance of the athlete is dependent on screen is dependent on the players’ actions – get enough points right, and one could win a gold, silver, or bronze medal, which can be printed out to take home. If they’ve earned a medal, they can also proceed to the next round to give them a chance to earn another medal!

Students can form groups and compete in this game as a team. How many rounds can each group last? How many gold, silver, or bronze medals did they earn? The group that goes the farthest round and earns the most significant medals wins! As an extra touch, the teacher can print out their medals immediately and hold an awards ceremony right then and there!

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Amazing Spelling Fleas Smartboard Game

Amazing Spelling FleasPlay a series of grammar, memory, and logic-related mini-games with The Amazing Spelling Fleas! See which student (or group of students) will have the highest score or reach the farthest round by the end of their turn!

For each game, the player must be able to provide at least two correct entries within a given amount of time so that he can progress to the next stage. If the student was able to complete all the mini-games, he moves on to the next round, where the time is shortened, and the games begin anew. 10 points are awarded to the child for every correct answer, and the score is tallied up, the total overall of which is shown at the end of each mini-game.

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