Shot Clock Smartboard Game

Shot ClockShoot the basketball at the basket that contains the correct answer to the multiplication question. But hurry! Players only have twenty seconds to aim for the highest score they can attain! And if their aim isn’t true, the ball can bounce right out of the basket and miss!

Given basketball’s already competitive nature, it is not difficult to create a group game out of this by separating the class into teams, with each team aiming to get the highest score possible within twenty seconds. They can even create their own team names, for added creativity and fun! However, the game also keeps track of the top five highest points of all the players who had played it within the day. Are the teams good enough to defeat the highest score of the day, made by someone who can possibly be across the country, or even the ocean? Who will be crowned as basketball champions of the day? Let’s find out!

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GeoWorld Smartboard Game


GeoBearsGeoWorld is an excellent geography smart board resource, where a knowledgeable bear provides students information about the countries of the world, including country-related facts, pictures, music, videos, and even climate info!

Once the students have had their fill of the continent they’ve chosen to learn, everyone can now proceed to the GeoGames, where players are asked to point the given state or country on a given map of the area of the world they were covering. A correct answer gives the player 10 points, but an incorrect one gives a penalty of -5. The game will continue until all the states/countries have been answered correctly.

With everyone working together, how high can they score? Or if they wish to be competitive, if the students separate into groups – with one group trying to answer while the others have their backs against the smart board (no peeking!) – who will gain the highest points? Play and find out!

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Animalia Smartboard Game

AnimaliaHow well do your students know about animals and where they live?

This game tests their knowledge by tasking the students to drag and drop 31 animals to the continents that they consider as home. Each correct answer on the first try is counted, and depending on how well the player did, he is awarded with either a bronze, silver, or gold medal that can be printed and displayed proudly back at home.

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Bedtime Bandits Smartboard Game

Bedtime BanditsWhat student would want to sleep early, when they could stay up later and have more time to play? This game emphasizes with those children by letting them “beat the clock” – if they chose the correct target time among the many analogue clocks, they get to stay away from bed for just one minute more.Beware, however, for if the slowly descending clocks reach the player’s character, the game is over, and it’s off to bed they go!  And if they chose the wrong time, the clocks move down faster!

Which student (or group of students) gets to stay up later?  Play the game to find out!

The game is separated into increasingly difficult levels, with each level ending after all the clocks have been chosen on-screen. The faces on the clock are also accurate to how real analogues work – for example, the short hand of a 12:30 clock does not fall exactly on 12, but somewhere between 12 and 1.

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Spin and Spell Smartboard Game

Spin and SpellA spelling game reminiscent of popular  TV game shows, where players are asked to correctly spell the variety of objects provided on-screen by clicking on the appropriate alphabets on the letter wheel.

The objects to be displayed are sorted into five different categories.  The item to be spelled can either be randomly chosen by the game (provided by a button below), or can be chosen by the students.  The latter option makes classroom play possible: at the start, the teacher picks an object and have one of his students spell it. After his attempt – where a correct answer gives him a point – the student can then choose another object, and hands the turn over to one of his classmates.  This can continue until everyone in the room has had several turns, after which all the points are tallied up to determine who is the class’ spelling champion!

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Coin Combo Smartboard Game

Coin ComboIn an interesting combination of money recognition and addition, players are asked to click on coins that would amount to the total that is displayed on the upper-left side of the screen until the given time has ended and the player moves on to the next level.

However, there is a catch.  As time progresses, coins continually drop at random positions in a steady pace from the top of the screen.  If even just one stack of coins become high enough to reach the red-colored level at the top, the game ends.  The only way to prevent this from happening is to be fast enough to choose the correct coins so that those above them can drop down.  The rate in which the coins fall depends on the player’s level; the higher the level, the faster they come.

Though there is no score, teachers can convert this game into a simple challenge where the student(s) with the highest level reached wins the game.  Alternatively, if possible, one can open two instances of the game and ask two groups to play at the same time; the group that lasts longer wins the game.

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What’s in the Bag? Smartboard Game

What's in the Bag“What’s in the Bag?” is a game where students are asked to make an educated guess on what is inside a paper bag by being given three clues (visually and sometimes audibly) to analyze.

Three possible answers are provided, although the teacher can opt to let the students make a guess prior to moving forward from the clues.  This can also be made into a team game, where the team with the most correct guesses wins.

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Construct a Word Smartboard Game

Construct a Word PreviewBuild up your students’ vocabulary by playing this deceptively simple word game.

Players are asked to choose a set of “ending” letters.  They are then led to another screen where they’re encouraged to look for all the words that end with the chosen letters by selecting the “beginning” letters.

A suggested customization is for the teacher to let the students write their constructed words on a piece of paper.  Once a certain amount of time has elapsed, the class can then check if their words are found in the game’s “word bank” by inserting their words.  The student(s) with the most correct words wins the game.

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Sesame Street’s Dig For Dinosaurs Smartboard Game

Dig For DinosaursJoin Sesame Street’s Grover and Emma as they travel around the world looking for dinosaur fossils.

The game starts with a simple video introduction about dinosaurs, fossils, and archeology.  Kids are then taught how fossils are excavated by allowing them to “use” the appropriate tools.  Once the fossils are revealed, children are then presented with a puzzle where they’re asked to assemble the skeleton together, as well as match the assembled fossils to the picture of its corresponding dinosaur.  Afterwards, another short video is then played, where an animated information about the dinosaur is provided.

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Memory Lane Smartboard Game

PeepHelp children develop their memory skills by playing this very simple game.

A little chick wanders in an open field filled with items.  Students are tasked to remember what objects the chick saw during his walk.  They are then asked to choose which among three items did the chick encounter at the end.

To make the game more competitive, teachers can sort their students into groups.  He can then either ask each group to race against each other on who gets to answer first,  or they can tally the number of correct answers per group after the game has been played enough times.  The group with the most number of points wins the competition.

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