Turtle Pond Smartboard Game

Turtle PondThe objective of this game is to guide the turtle to a pond by means of giving a set of commands.  Unlike other games of this type, however, the turtle will not immediately act upon the instruction left by the player.  Instead, the student will have to carefully plot his way through a plane, building up a set of instructions that the turtle will follow only when the play button is clicked, with hopes that once it has reached the end of the list, it has successfully reached its target.

Aside from the default location of the turtle and the pond, the teacher can opt to choose other predefined configurations, which includes adding obstacles along the course.  It is also possible to make the game even more challenging by removing the grid lines, or changing inputs so that the angle in which the turtle can move is no longer defaulted to 90 degrees.

Though the game’s learning benefits for math classes are obvious, it is also quite an excellent tool for teaching young students a bit of basic computer programming skills by exercising their logical thinking without immediately seeing the results.

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