The Decimal Detectives Smartboard Game

Decimal DetectivesThis fun little game allows students to live out their dreams as criminal-busting detectives out to search for suspects with a little bit of clever guesswork based on clues.

Students are asked to enter values between two whole numbers, demonstrating that these two numbers can be further subdivided.  Each guess sends a police dispatch to the area, where a witness would inform the player which direction he believes the suspect had been seen (left or right).  There are two levels of difficulty – the easy version lets players guess within 1 decimal place, while the harder requires a more difficult-to-guess 3 decimal places.

The game also has a two player mode, where each student is allowed to hide their badge in a given decimal point (while the other is not looking).  The player who finds his opponent’s badge by observing the game’s character behaviors as he makes his guesses wins the game.

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