Christmas Word Jumble Smartboard Game

Christmas Jumbled WordSo your students think they know all about Christmas. Are they willing to take up the jumbled word challenge? This game displays various Christmas-related words on-screen with their letters in disarray, and it’s up to the players to reorganise and figure out what it is. Of course, one can always try to sort the letters on their own, but it’s always easier if they already have an idea to work with!

Students can form groups and earn points for every correct answer. The team with the most points wins!

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Transports Lesson Smartboard Game

TransportsChoose the picture of the type of transport that is mentioned by the narrator, and earn points based on correctness and speed!

There are two ways to convert this into a team game. Separate the class into two groups or more. All the groups except for the one who is playing must turn their back on the smart board until the current players  have completed the game and had earned their points. The same method is repeated for every group until everyone had had their turn. Whomever earns the highest point wins the match.

Alternatively, instead of turning their backs, the groups compete on who gets to guess the correct answer first. If a group is wrong, they either do not earn points or have points subtracted from them (tracked manually by the teacher), and they lose the opportunity to make a guess. If a group is right, they earn 10 points. The group that has the highest points at the end of the game wins.

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Light and Dark Smartboard Game

Light-and-DarkTeach your young students about the different light sources. Allow them to explore a room specifically crafted for learning about light and dark. Which gives out a stronger light source? The candle? The lamp? What about the sun? What is the difference between viewing a room with a stronger light, versus a weaker one?

Once the children have finished with their experiments, it’s time for a quiz! What have they learned as they played? And what other common and practical knowledge can they learn about light sources? Why not play the game and find out?

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Letter Matrix Smartboard Game

Letter-MatrixLetters are falling from above! Don’t let them fill up the space below!  Form words from the fallen letters to “sort” them into their proper places and remove them from the pile. Each letter has a corresponding point; the rarer the letters used and the longer the formed word is, the higher the score.

As if the falling letters aren’t enough, a certain number of points earned within a given time is required in order to progress to the next level. See how many words your students can form, and how far they can go. They can also play this cooperatively, or in competitive groups.

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World Capitals Smartboard Game

World-CapitalsTest your students’ knowledge about the capital cities of the world with this Smartboard Game. Each question has a timer, and every correct answer enables the player to earn points. The faster one answers, the higher the score.

Students can compete against each other by playing through all three levels of the game and earning higher points than their classmates.

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Reading Ring Smartboard Game

Reading RingChallenge your pupils’ reading comprehension. Win a wrestling match by ordering Garfield’s comic strips into the proper sequence of events, and answering questions related to the comic strip story.

If the student was able to match the sequence and was able to answer the questions, the round goes to him.  Else, it goes to the nefarious Dr. Stripp. The first to win three rounds out of five is the victor!

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Word Magic Smartboard Game

Word MagicHow many words can your students form from the ones given in the box?  Do they have a huge enough vocabulary to form complex words that would give them higher points? Are they fast enough to fill up their word list before the clock runs out… and before a rival student group steals their letters?

Word Magic is reminiscent to the classic Boggle game, except that the letters forming the words do not have to be adjacent to each other.  When the player forms his word and clicks on the “GO” button, the chosen letters are then replaced with others.

Though the game can be played in single player mode (where a student, or a group of students, try to collect enough points from their words within the given time), it also has a multiplayer mode, where the game automatically matches your students against other players from another class… or school… or even another country! The multiplayer game is then played in real time, where students race to use a letter before their rivals do; if they did end up using the same letter, the points for the word is forfeited!

How good is your class against what could possibly be the world? Perhaps a tournament could be arranged to find out!

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Simple Machines Smartboard Game

Simple MachinesThis very cute game tells the story of Twitch, who had been ordered to collect several items so that his friend could finish building his robot creation.  However, collecting the items will not be easy, as Twitch is faced with several challenges, each requiring a certain type of simple machine.  The student’s task is to help our little red friend by choosing the best simple machine that would exert as minimum effort as possible.

Each completed stage provides an explanation of the simple machine used.  At the end of the game, the player’s scorecard is shown, providing how much force Twitch had used for each stage and throughout the game. Try to find out which student (or group of students) will get the lowest spent force!

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Animalia Smartboard Game

AnimaliaHow well do your students know about animals and where they live?

This game tests their knowledge by tasking the students to drag and drop 31 animals to the continents that they consider as home. Each correct answer on the first try is counted, and depending on how well the player did, he is awarded with either a bronze, silver, or gold medal that can be printed and displayed proudly back at home.

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Conquer the Continents Smartboard Game

ConquerTheContinentsConquer the Continents tests a child’s knowledge about the countries of the world by making him pick the correct location of countries in a chosen continent within 60 seconds.

Teachers can opt to let each student play individually, or to form groups, with the group scoring the highest number of flags winning the game.  Another interesting way of playing the entire game as a group is for each team to fight over the “continents”; the team with the highest score for a continent “wins” that area, after which players move on to the next “available” land mass.  The group that manages to “conquer” most of the globe wins the game.

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