What’s in the Bag? Smartboard Game

What's in the Bag“What’s in the Bag?” is a game where students are asked to make an educated guess on what is inside a paper bag by being given three clues (visually and sometimes audibly) to analyze.

Three possible answers are provided, although the teacher can opt to let the students make a guess prior to moving forward from the clues.  This can also be made into a team game, where the team with the most correct guesses wins.

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Fish ‘Em Up! 2 Smartboard Game

Fish 'Em Up previewSometimes it is difficult to know when to add or change letters in a given word prior to lengthening it.  This game aims to assist in that by teaching students through fun and repetition.

At the beginning, the game reminds players about two of the rules of word lengthening – either doubling the last letter, or changing “y” to “ie”.  It then gives the option to testing for either one, after which the game begins.  Students are asked to fish for the root word by using the rod that represents the correct lengthened word.  If they’re able to choose correctly, the root word is “fished” successfully;  otherwise, it swims away.

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Noun Explorer

Feed the correct worm to the correct noun fish. Turn this game into a team game, by dividing the class into seperate teams. Have one team line up at the board and one team member at a time, alternating between them, feeds the fish, until someone gets it wrong.

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