Bedtime Bandits Smartboard Game

Bedtime BanditsWhat student would want to sleep early, when they could stay up later and have more time to play? This game emphasizes with those children by letting them “beat the clock” – if they chose the correct target time among the many analogue clocks, they get to stay away from bed for just one minute more.Beware, however, for if the slowly descending clocks reach the player’s character, the game is over, and it’s off to bed they go!  And if they chose the wrong time, the clocks move down faster!

Which student (or group of students) gets to stay up later?  Play the game to find out!

The game is separated into increasingly difficult levels, with each level ending after all the clocks have been chosen on-screen. The faces on the clock are also accurate to how real analogues work – for example, the short hand of a 12:30 clock does not fall exactly on 12, but somewhere between 12 and 1.

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