Easter Smartboard Game Activities

Easter is around the corner again. Here’s a list of easter interactive whiteboard activities and games you can play with your classroom. If you enjoy a particular one, make sure to leave a comment.

Easter Bunny Word Search

Easter Bunny Word SearchFind all the words (and a hidden easter word) in this easter hunt activity word search game. You can print or put it up on your smartboard.

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Easter Egg Re-Ordering

Easter Egg Re-OrderLots of easter eggs are displayed, match them up by re-ordering them on the screen.

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Catch the Easter Eggs

Falling Easter EggsThe easter eggs keep falling! Catch them all to score big.

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Find the Difference Easter Game

Easter Match PictureTwo easter pictures are displayed. Mark the differences.

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Easter Coloring In Activity

Coloring In Easter ActivityPaint the egg with all sorts of colors just like the real easter bunnies do.

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Dinosaur Card Matching Game

Dinosaur Card Match Game You can play this Dinosaur Card Matching game on your smartboard or interactive whiteboard. You first get to choose the scene or the backgrounds of the card game. Afterwards,
the Dinosaur on the side will give your students directions to tell them how well they are doing. Make this a team game, by splitting your classroom into teams and then see how many turns each team uses to solve the whole puzzle.

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Mystery Monster Multiplication Smartboard Game

Mystery 2 Digit Multiplication Though this powerpoint smartboard multiplication game is not free, it is well worth every cent. It tells a story of a tired king who devises an experiment to get his kingdom of monsters to get along with each other. Your students follow the story along and in the process learn how to multiply 2-digit numbers. What a great way to learn!

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